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Some coin forgeries are actually too stupid for words and this happens to be the case with the counterfeit coin we show here below. Because there has never been a American silver eagle dollar made in the year 1906 this coin is very easy to identify as a forgery and you do not have to be a silver bullion coin expert for it.


Real American eagle dollars are struck since 1986 and mostly these silver bullion coins are going to be purchased by silver coin collectors worldwide.


Some American silver eagle Dollar coin facts.

  • Designer : Adolph A. Weinman, Liberty Walking - Year 1916.
  • Designer: John M. Mercanti,  Heraldic Eagle with Shield - Year 1986.
  • Diameter: 40.60 mm.
  • Composition: Silver 99.9%.
  • Weight: 31.103 grams.
  • Thickness: 2.98 mm.
  • Edge: Reeded. (201 reeds).

Here below are the images from an authentic "Liberty Walking" silver dollar and the counterfeit American eagle dollar from the year 1906.


Authentic 2002 Bullion Coin Counterfeit 1906 Bullion Coin
Obverse Side Eagle Dollar Obverse Side Eagle Dollar
2002 silver bullion coin 1906 counterfeit bullion coin
When comparing both walking liberty bullion coins it's easy to see that the counterfeit has the same slick details as we see from other Chinese made counterfeit coins. I guess that is also the reason why they created a coin with a date 1906 as nobody would believe such details on a 2002 American eagle dollar.


Authentic 2002 Bullion Coin

Counterfeit 1906 Silver Eagle Dollar

Reverse Side

Reverse Side


American silver eagle dollar reverse

1906 counterfeit silver eagle dollar reverse

The reverse side of the counterfeit American eagle dollar has also the same slick surface as the obverse side. The surface of the bullion coin was made of thicker material than most other Chinese forgeries.


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