Selling a coin collection if you never sold coins before is not that easy. The entire coin collectors market is highly built on trust and not every dealer is operating with high business standards. In this category, you will find relevant articles with tips related to selling coins online or at auctions and what to keep in mind.

selling your coin collection

Selling your Coin Collection

You got an inheritance from your Gramps. Being his most favorite grandchild, you are to receive his most prized possession, his Silver Coin Collection. The coins sure look shiny and costly. You are impressed...

Selling coins online on eBay or Amazon

Making Money Selling Coins

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This is my favorite maxim in life. And it is so true. If you are doing what you...

Coin dealer

Finding a Trusted Coin Dealer

Finding a trusted coin dealer can be scary. Sometimes you get lucky and meet a trustworthy dealer at the first try. Sometimes a friend knows a friend who knows a good dealer. However, this...