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Collecting gold or silver coins is a serious hobby for many collectors or investors worldwide. To serve these collectors there are various “rare” silver and gold coins for sale at numismatic marketplaces like eBay and others. But there are also online coin trading markets where professional coin sellers and coin buyers meet. Unfortunately, there are also much silver-plated or metal made counterfeit coins worldwide for sale outside those marketplaces. These counterfeit coins are mostly made in various Asian countries. Counterfeit coins are sometimes of such good quality that it is very difficult to identify them as counterfeit. And if you’re a beginner coin collector and not an expert then you are most likely to fall for it.

An old Dutch silver coin

Buying coins online can result in a big disappointment and a potential buyer cannot touch the coin. It means that he or she has to judge the coin by watching an image online. Even worse, trying to identify the coin from an image that has been provided by the seller. That makes it very risky to buy old coins online if you do not know the reputation of the seller who is offering the coin. Knowing what you want to buy is and having specific coin knowledge is essential. Having relevant data at hand, like the weight and size of that specific rare gold or silver coin is much needed. This data in combination with the seller’s reputation can give you an advantage when buying these specific coins online.

Knowledge of silver coins may take some years

Knowledge about each specific coin is very important and therefore we have created this website. It enables us to share detailed information about how to recognize a counterfeit coin visually when compared with a real coin. With a close-up picture from a counterfeit and the real silver coin, showing their details on one web page now enables our visitors to learn how to distinguish the differences of these coins and become true coin experts.

And should you own a counterfeit coin that is of such good quality, then please email us the images. We especially like images when you need an expert eye to identify them as counterfeit coins. With your support, other coin collectors worldwide will thank you for helping them identifying counterfeit coins. And together we can make collecting gold or silver coins a less fraudulent hobby.

If you have any suggestions or comments about our website then feel free to send us an email.  The email address you can find on our contact us page.