Counterfeit coins can be found all over the world and it is bad for our hobby. With the articles listed in this category, we show you counterfeit coin examples and mention how you can detect them.

1926 peace dollar

1926 Peace Dollar – Liberty Dollar

I think that from all years the Peace Dollar was struck (1921 -1928) (1934 -1935) there are Chinese made counterfeit peace dollars in circulation. Most of these counterfeit dollars, like the one we are...

1924 peace dollar

1924 Peace Dollar – Liberty Dollar

The Peace Dollar was minted in the years 1921 till 1928 and after a 6 year rest period again in the years 1934 and 1935. Before the first peace dollar was struck there was...

Counterfeit 1885 Silver Trade Dollar Coin - Reverse

1885 “Morgan” Trade Dollar

The real 1885 trade dollar was designed by William Barber and because only 5 proofs are made this coin is very rare and expensive to buy if for sale. The counterfeit coin shown on this...

Authentic 1885 Morgan Dollar - Obverse

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1885 morgan dollar did get his name from the designer, George T. Morgan. Morgan dollars were made from 1878 to 1921 and some years are very scarce, difficult to find and expensive to...