1924 Indian Head Nickel - Obverse

Indian Head Buffalo Nickel

The Indian Head Nickel coin, also known as the Buffalo Nickel, is the third coin design in the Five Cent Nickel series. This coin design by portrait sculptor James Earle Fraser succeeded Charles Barber’s...

Liberty Head Nickel – Five Cent Nickel

Liberty Head Nickel – Five Cent Nickel

The Liberty Head Nickel is one of the coin designs in the Five-Cent Nickel coin series of the 19th century. It is composed of 25% nickel and 75% copper. This coin design features a...

1943 US 5 Cent Nickel - Obverse

US 5 Cents Nickel

The Five-Cents Nickel is a very popular denomination among Americans, since time immemorial until today. Maybe it’s because, in the olden days, a lot of things or services were priced at a “nickel”. In...